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If any of the shots in Morgan and Miguel's wedding are out of focus, it's definitely because our eyes were blurry from all the tears all day. From the letter readings to Morgan's first look with her dad to Miguel's reaction when he sees Morgan for the first time, we were struggling to hold it together to say the least. The day was magnificent all around. The venue was perfect, Morgan and Miguel were perfect, and the sunset was, you guessed it, perfect.

Watch their video to see the perfection for yourself!:

The Venue //

The Crane Cottage at Jekyll Island Club Resort takes the most magical parts of weddings and combines them all into one elegant experience. The cottage itself is captivating inside and out, and even has a courtyard in the center which is perfect for the cocktail hour mingling. Step out the front door, and you're greeted by beautiful oak trees and a beautiful view of the water!

If you enjoy towering oaks as a wedding backdrop, you'll love Chelsey and Blake's wedding video - be sure to check it out while you're here!

The First Looks //

Miguel couldn't hide his anticipation as Morgan approached him for the first look. We all got a heartwarming glimpse of the relief and joy he felt when he turned around and saw his bride for the first time - what a moment!

Morgan's dad's reaction was so sweet, too. My actual heart melted when he said "it's better than I thought" after Morgan asked.

The Vendors //

Morgan and Miguel picked an awesome group of vendors which really helps the wedding day to flow smoothly and professionally. We wanted to briefly mention a few of them here!

Brooke Roberts Photography - Brooke and Paul are absolute gems. They're incredibly experienced, talented, and super prepared for everything. We work closely with the photographers throughout the day, so great photographers make it easier for us to get great video, too! Check them out - Instagram | Website

Island Sound DJs - We've had a blast every time we've had a chance to work with Island Sound DJs - they were at Jenny and Lee's wedding, too! You can thank them for the awesome reception footage because they do a great job getting people onto the dance floor! Check them out - Instagram | Website

Makeup By Paulina Perez - Paulina and her team are the rockstars of make up artistry. Their work is immaculate and elegant, if you couldn't already tell from the stunning close-up shots! Hair and makeup are usually the first orders of business on your wedding day, so booking a professional makeup artist can have a huge positive impact on the rest of your day! Check them out - Instagram | Website

Stay Tuned //

We've got so many other awesome love stories to share with you, you don't want to miss them. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for all the feels. You can reach us for booking inquiries at, or head over to our contact page and submit a form. We can't wait to learn more about your special day!


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