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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Jenny and Lee's simple, sweet romance brought a fresh wave of inspiration to the wedding day festivities. Throughout the day, it became so clear that they truly enjoyed one another in the most sincere ways, and their earnest friendship provided a steady foundation for their marriage. It was seriously goals, and the inspiration showed itself so distinctly in their video.

Watch it below!

The Venue //

The Ritz-Carlton of Amelia Island is the most elaborately elegant venue probably ever. That's not even an exaggeration. I literally got a fresh haircut, washed and detailed my car, and shaved my beard just so I didn't get turned away when I showed up in my beat up truck with a camera.

I'm just being dramatic, of course, but the venue was absolutely gorgeous.

Trees lined the dreamy entryway, grand pianos were perched in every hallway, elaborate ballrooms, a salon and spa - you name it, this place had it.

Jenny and Lee decided on a beach ceremony with a decorated arbor. It was a super windy day, which was worrisome at first, but the footage actually took on a cinematic with the slow-motion hair blowing in the wind as the bridal party walked down the aisle right out of a GQ magazine.

The Dog of Honor //

Unfortunately, Jenny and Lee's wedding-day thunder was partially stolen by the "Dog of Honor", Winston. Winston made his cameo appearance at the luxurious beach house where the groom and his groomsmen were getting ready. Needless to say, the process was slightly delayed when he made his way into the picture! His prep probably didn't take as long, but it was definitely cute to the say the least.

The Photographer //

When we found out the wedding was in Amelia Island, we were secretly really hoping we would be working with one of our favorite photographers local to that area. All of our wildest dreams came true when we walked in and saw the super-talented Brittany Powell Photography. Check. Out. Her. Work. It's. Amazing.

Stay tuned //

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