A B O U T   U S

Hi, I'm Carson - the older brother.
Thank you so much for visiting! We're always working to create meaningful content to contribute to the wedding industry, and it means a lot that you want to learn more about us!
In October of 2019, my brother, Andrew, and I began to experience a similar passion for storytelling through film. We became instantly captivated by the impact of meaningful moments compiled into memorable stories.
After months of planning and praying, we started Brothers Cinematography in early 2020. I know what you're thinking, "3 months isn't a long time to plan the startup of a small business." And you're absolutely right.
Needless to say, it took some faith to invest time and startup costs into a new business with a whopping ZERO bookings. But we've been blessed to work with some of the most awesome couples over the past year, and we're super glad we took the step of faith!
We created Brothers Cinematography because we know your wedding day is more than just a bunch of cool details. Your wedding is a story worth telling. 
The easiest way to get to know us better is to connect with us! You can submit a contact form, hit us up on Instagram, or give us a call!