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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

This is the question we've had to ask more times than we'd like over the past few months: What would you do if a global pandemic forced you to completely change your plans?

(Check out Amanda and Adam's story for another pandemic change of plans.)

Well, if you're Becca and Darnell, you choose to laugh a lot, enjoy intimate moments with close friends and family, and celebrate the heck out your wedding day!

Becca and Darnell originally planned their wedding in St. Augustine, FL at a beautiful venue - Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. However, due to gathering restrictions imposed by an impending pandemic just weeks before their wedding date, the couple had to adapt and overcome in an unprecedented circumstance.

Unable to secure another venue last minute in Florida, they searched beyond state lines and found an incredible 3-story house in Savannah, GA. Though they weren't planning on a small "destination" wedding, they both had great attitudes and it really made the difference in their video. You can watch it here:

The Venue //

It was the perfect location. The house was more than spacious enough to hold the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, bride and groom. Not only that, the house also had an outdoor garden for the ceremony, a close walk to a beautiful park in the heart of historic Savannah, and multiple spots for portraits throughout the day.

Venues with different types of locations and scenes within walking distance are absolutely a dream for your photographer and videographers. You can get a wide variety of shots, backdrops, and natural lighting without walking too much. It really helps get the most out of your sunset portrait session and bridal party formals during cocktail hour.

The Art //

Becca is an insanely talented artist. She is literally a wizard with paint. She actually painted the portrait that opens the video, hand-painted coffee mugs for her bridesmaids, and creatively incorporated her art into the ceremony, too! The unity painting thay Becca and Darnell completed together at the altar during their ceremony was a powerful moment.

It's so cool to see couples incorporate little bits of their personality into their ceremony - aside from their whole lives and personalities that they're giving to one another in marriage. It adds a unique touch of "you" into your wedding video, too!

You can follow her art story on Instagram - @UrbanArtandSoul

The Dancing //

One fun fact we learned after Becca filled out our questionnaire was that the first dances were almost all choreographed. The bride and groom danced through a medley of different styles of music from swing dancing to the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing. The groomsmen also performed a choreographed dance with the groom to songs like My Girl and Uptown Funk.

Literally, there was so much personality in this wedding. It was awesome.

The Smoke Canisters //

Full disclosure: I used to work at a fireworks store, and you definitely shouldn't hold the smoke bombs.

On the flip side, the smoke was a really cool addition to the portrait session. Props to the photographer - Felicia V Photography - for being super creative and incredibly talented. We rant about photographers in like every post, but there are so many different perks to having a good photographer. Do your research. Interview your favorites. Make sure it's a good fit. We think Felicia V is one of the best, and she absolutely captured this wedding perfectly.

Stay tuned //

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