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What Your Wedding Colors Say About You!

Updated: May 4, 2022

From bright and bold to muted and subtle, Wedding colors span a wide array of aesthetics and moods. Wedding color pallets are one of the key factors of making your wedding perfect for you! You want you and your partner's personality to be captured in every way it can on your Wedding day and color pallets help make that come to life. Colors tell a story, they evoke emotion, and they paint a picture of the love that is wrapped around the story of who you guys are. The possibilities are limitless in the palettes that you can create, but here is what we think some of the more common color choices say about you!

Perfectly Pastel //

If you chose to use Pale Rose, Dusty Blues, and a more subtle pallet you are a lover of the classics! Being a Florida based Wedding Videographer, we have seen how beautiful the inspiration of the coast can be at Weddings. Inspired by the mist of foam off the waves, the sand dunes cascaded in coastal seagrass, and the tiny pops of color that the shells scatter along the shores, these colors are timeless. You love to have natural beauty as the forefront in everything that you do and your wedding is no exception. You find beauty in the places often overlooked. Sweet, sentimental, and nostalgic all at the same time, your wedding and the love you share will be timeless.

Warm, Rich, and Earthy //

If you find yourself leaning towards shades of Burnt Orange, Bronze, with accents Deep Greens, you’re a golden bride! Your choice of warm colors shows that you love deeply and cherish the connections that you make with people and those that you love and care for. Your wedding is one big sunset, giving off warmth and casting a glow on everything it

touches, much like you! Pops of Evergreen add an earthy feel to your day, reminding everyone that you know your roots and cherish them but love to always look for new and exciting things to experience. You have found “home” in your partner and you want to share that feeling with all of your guests on your special day.

Bold and Beautiful //

If different shades of Pinks, Oranges, and Blues are where you find yourself leaning, you are the life of the party! You always find a way to make the most fun out of any and every situation and that doesn’t stop on your Wedding day. Your love is exciting and vibrant, never boring in any way. Everyday is a new opportunity to find something else to celebrate. Drawing inspiration from fruit and exotic flowers, your wedding is sure to feel like a vacation. Signs all point to a reception to not be forgotten and food to die for with this choice of colors. You want everyone to have the best time right alongside you on your big day! Love shouldn't have to be boring and with you, it never will be!

Jewel Tones //

Emerald Green and Deep Maroon are colors that exude royalty and sophistication so it’s no coincidence that you chose this as your wedding color! You love the finer things in life and don’t shy away from investing in things that will last. As a lover of such things, it is no surprise that you view love the same way. Deep, strong, and extravagant love is what you give and what you share with your partner. The investment you make into people that you love is shown in the colors chosen to decorate your Wedding day. Much like the Coastal Bride, you are timeless! A lover of traditions old and new, sure to have them incorporated all throughout your special day. Like the Evergreen Tree, you and your partner's love is a refuge in the cold and a shelter when shade is needed.

All weddings are beautiful regardless of what color palatte or mood you're trying to bring on your big day. The best way to get a certain look to your wedding is through the photos and videos you share with your loved ones. That's why we find it so important to find a wedding photographer and videographer that matches your style!



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