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Hot Wedding Trends Every Bride Is Doing!

2021 was the year of the Covid Cancellations, but all of those brides are back this year and ready to party as we enter the biggest wedding boom like never seen before! With some brides having up to two years to plan their wedding, the bar is set higher and higher as each wedding focuses more on guest experience and overall preservation of wedding day memories. This goes for personal memories by implementing more day-of formalities like private last dances, first looks, gift exchanges, but it also extends to guest memories in the form of personalized thank you notes, party favors, and a slammin' reception with live music and entertainment.

In the end, your wedding day should be exactly how you want it. If these trends aren't your cup of tea, don't be afraid to go against the grain and do what YOU want to do.

Specialty Vendors //

Entertainment is everything this year. 2022 & 2023 brides are focused on making sure the guests have a memorable time! This is done with the typical wedding offerings like open bars and lots of food options to choose from, but we're seeing a lot of unique wedding entertainment as well, such as live painters; live instrumentalists from pianists, violinists, saxophonists, to full wedding bands; and even performers like fire dancers or cigar rollers. After going to a few weddings with one of these entertainers, you'll see why they're becoming more and more popular. They literally make for such a good time!

Privacy, Please! //

One one hand, weddings these days are all about the guests, but on the other hand, 2022 & 2023 couples are taking more time for themselves to enjoy the day without the added pressure of having people around. The biggest addition to almost every wedding we've been to this year is a private last dance. While the guests are lining up for the big send-off, the bride and groom will share one last dance together to decompress and let the reality of their marriage sink in. A 3 minute song at the end of the night spent in the arms of your spouse is the perfect way to finish out the best wedding day ever. Another way to incorporate a little bit of privacy is to eat a private dinner. This is a great way to break up the business of the wedding day. Lastly, we're seeing more and more private cake cuttings. This tradition wasn't terribly popularized to begin with, so instead of announcing the cake cutting, just grab your photo and video team and cut away. Let your guests live this experience through the photos and video captured!

No Party Like a Gatsby Party //

Weddings this year are all about the party. As wedding videographers, we're seeing less requests for emotional, romantic videos and more preferences to hype, party footage. Couples want to remember their day as their guests lived it! They want to see all their favorite people coming together to celebrate their love with dancing to live music, champagne towers, and open air tents on the lawn. Weddings this year are black tie for a more timeless, uniform look. Also, don't let it surprise you if the bride is wearing a completely different outfit during the party! Typically, the new outfit is white and light, so the bride has room to dance the night away. We've seen everything from second wedding dresses to jumpsuits or even a crop top with a skirt.

A Send Off with a Bang //

Whether it's by itself or paired with sparklers or streamers, wedding fireworks are the new way to send the couple off. Find a local pyrotechnic willing to put together a show and have this be your exit. At the end of the last song, gather all your guests outside and give him the greenlight to start launching. Not only is this a unique memory for all your guests, it also makes for beautiful pictures and videos!

Final Thoughts //

Looking over the past few decades, you'll see wedding trends come and go. Some stick around for longer than others, but who's to say what weddings will look like the next couple of decades? The trends in this post are just a few ways to create exciting memories based on what current brides are doing. In the end, your wedding needs to look how you want it to look. If you don't like any of these ideas, use them as inspiration to create your own trends!



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