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How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Weekend!

Every maid of honor knows the stress that comes with planning the perfect bachelorette weekend. The pressure that comes with researching, budgeting, organizing, and executing a girls weekend like this is enough to cause sleepless nights and a fair share of mental breakdowns. But it doesn't have to be that way! Use this guide to compartmentalize the weekend and start checking off boxes, so you can enjoy the trip you planned without worrying about forgetting something. So make sure everyone has Venmo downloaded, pack your cowgirl hats, and let's get to planning!

We're all at different points in our lives financially; no one should be expected to go in debt over a party.

Now's a good time to mention to start with a budget. Ask all the invitees what they're comfortable with spending and do your best to stay under the lowest person's budget so everyone can have a great time.

Who's Invited? //

First and foremost, you need to figure out who's going. At the very least, all the bridesmaids should get an invite. On top of that, it really depends on the bride's preferences. Ask the bride if she has any close friends or even family that didn't make the bridal party cut that she wants on the bach trip. The more people invited means the cheaper the trip for everyone! After getting a confirmed list, start having that budget conversation and get the bride's thoughts on how she wants her way paid for. Traditionally, the bachelorette party invitees cover the bride, but with rising costs, this tradition is falling to the wayside in order to have more girls be able to make the trip financially. At the very least, every bridesmaid's responsibility is to make sure she always has a drink in her hand free of charge to her.

Where's The Party At? //

Local or destination? City or nature? Beach or mountains? The answer to these questions should be entirely based off the person who this whole trip is for: the bride! While there are tons of ways to reduce the cost, the location will be the biggest impact on the budget. If your invitees give you a budget of $1,500 or more per person, feel free to plan that perfect party halfway across the world! If you're trying to stay under $300 per person, maybe look at options within driving distance. Depending on where you're located, this could look like anything from AirB&B in the mountains, beach condo for the night, or a trip to your local big city to party the night away. If you have less than $300 to play with, try to find fun activities to do for the day without staying overnight. This could be a day trip to Disney, a spa day, or a shopping spree in downtown St. Augustine! As long as the bride is happy, you can consider it a successful trip.

When're We Leaving? //

Go when everyone you care about can go! There are no hard and fast rules. Typically, bachelorette parties take place within two months of the wedding unless you're waiting on that favorite cousin to be in town, then they take place wedding weekend and are usually local. The only thing to think about is if you need specific weather to do the activities you want to do at the location you want to be in (e.g. summer for the beach or winter for skiing.) If that's the case, go during that time of year regardless of your wedding date.

What's The Plan? //

Now since all the major details are planned out, start looking at what your day-to-day schedule will look like. Take this time to plan activities you'd never have the opportunity to back home, or check out your favorite activities that will make for the best memories with all of your closest friends around. It's okay to plan out some downtime or to just go with the flow. This whole trip is about your friends treating you to some much needed rest and relaxation from wedding planning, so don't forget the most important part: rest!

Final Thoughts //

The best bachelor parties are the one where the most memories are made, so go somewhere new, try something fun, and make sure to stay hydrated along the way. If you're looking for a way to preserve these memories, try hiring a photographer for a few hours and do a bachelorette shoot!



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