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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Miranda & Isaac had a seriously heartwarming vow renewal ceremony for their 13th wedding anniversary. Vow renewals are actually the sweetest thing to me because it represents the longevity and depth of love for which marriage is intended - I mean, it's intended to last forever, but you know what I'm saying.

There are so many memories, life experiences, hardships, victories, and overall time spent doing life together under the metaphorical belt of those renewing their vows that gives them an authentic history. Not to say people who dated a long time don't equally have history.

Miranda and Isaac's video in this beautiful St. Johns, Florida park centered on reflection. The music, footage, and interaction displays the earnest nature of years spent together and subtle enthusiasm for years to be spent in the future. Check it out!

The Venue //

Alpine Groves Park is one of the most popular and notable photography locations in the north St. Johns county/south Jacksonville area. Massive trees, some rustic farm equipment, and a dock give Alpine Groves a large selection of photography scenes.

We've talked about some advantages of having a venue that features multiple different scenes within close distances in other blog posts, but we can't emphasize enough the impact it has on your photos and videos. This 3-minute video features at least 4 different settings and landscapes, which is pretty impressive for about 2 hours of filming.

Convenient access to multiple locations adds dimension and variety to your photos and videos.

The Photographer //

We talked in an earlier blog about how a photographer's style of posing greatly enhances the final video we produce. We had the absolute pleasure of working with the extraordinarily talented Meagan Gaines Photography for this vow renewal. Seriously, she's fantastic. Miranda and Isaac look super natural on video, and the photos turned out awesome too!

The Kiddos //

Miranda and Isaac chose to renew their vows as a family. But that doesn't mean the kids were left out! They helped tie the rope, walked mom down the aisle, delicately tossed flowers, and added an overall youthful energy to the ceremony. It was such a special moment to see the whole family come together to celebrate the occasion.

Stay tuned //

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