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The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist

The wedding day is fast approaching, and the pressure starts to build up. Normally, this is not something you can stop because it comes naturally before any big day; however, you can still do something about it – control it! One of the best ways to make sure you got everything under control and calm yourself down is by preparing the ultimate wedding day checklist. Add everything you need and ease yourself into your special day!

PRO TIP: Once you get engaged and start thinking about your wedding day, make sure to organize your time and plan one or two things at a time instead of everything at once.

Of course, we are here to give you some guidance on this subject, so take a look at our checklist points that every couple has to cross off before getting married!

Money Talks //

A stack of money

Every couple has their vision of what their wedding day should look like, however, before you go into the planning process, you need to make sure that you have just the budget you need. So sit down, preferably together, draw up your budget and you can start working towards creating the perfect day for yourselves from there.

Who's Who? //

Wedding guests at a wedding ceremony

The most important thing is the list of guests. After all, you are creating a special day for yourselves, and you would want to share that special day with a certain amount of people. The list of guests can help you get an idea of how much of everything else you need to organize (food, drinks, venue, etc). It is considered the perfect starting point and one of the most important ones to cross off your wedding day checklist.

Dibs On That Date! //

Two rings on a calendar

Save the date by setting it first. Of course, one of the pre-wedding checklist points that you need to cross off early in the process is the date. Make sure to pick a date that does not coincide with the date of another wedding so you can avoid making a hassle for yourself and your guests too. Think about the scenery – whether you wish to enjoy a winter wonderland, autumn or spring fairytale, or a summer night to remember.

Venue Shopping //

a bride and groom at a wedding entrance with cold sparklers

Now, get ready to walk, pick up your most comfortable shoes and browse through the wedding venues. Check out our Top 10 Venues in Northeast Florida you NEED to see! Every person imagines their wedding day at a simply breathtaking venue. If you are confused about where to start, some of the pointers that may narrow things down are picking the venue according to the guest list and style, checking for indoor and outdoor amenities depending on the season, and sticking to your budget.

It's Okay to be Selfish //

a bride and groom laughing wearing wedding attire

Once you have chosen the venue, turn to yourselves for a bit and pick the outfits. The groom’s suit and the wedding dress should be “the talk of the town” on your big day, so choose the ones that you find most beautiful. If you are looking into a custom-made gown or suit, find the perfect tailor and book in advance so they would have enough time to focus on the details and create a wearable perfection for you. If you want to get two birds with one stone, choose the bridesmaid dresses and the men’s suits at this stage too – it will help you out and get things moving faster

Pick A Style, Any Style //

a videographer filming a bride and groom on their wedding day in an open field

One of the most important things you need to cross off your wedding day checklist is the visuals. Finding the perfect photographer and videographer can be a bit of a hassle, but we promise you that it is worth diving into. There are always plenty of options here but focus on researching portfolios and choose the option that would best fit the scenery.

Who's Got the AUX? //

A dj mixing music at a wedding reception

Cross of this very important pre-wedding checklist point – music! Are you thinking about a string quartet, a DJ, or a band? Either way, this is worth looking into since the music would be your main entertainment for the day or night. It can be very easy to narrow down the choice since you can talk to the musicians – pick the ones that have a playlist that coincides with your wishes the most!

BBQ, Tacos, Pasta, Oh My! //

a wedding table full of desserts and snacks

Of course, what is considered to be an important bit of the wedding is the food! Check out the options that your venue has to offer and see whether this works for you and your guests. Check the food preferences of your guests and add some options for them. Choose the wedding drinks too – see what would suit your theme, maybe a cocktail bar or wine tasting delight.

Repeat After Me //

a bride and groom moments before they say I do with the officiant in the background

Find someone to officiate your wedding. More than often, couples tend to make their wedding day even more intimate and personal by getting a friend or a family member to officiate their ceremony. This is a very nice way to add some soul to the entire ceremony and get a bit personal too! So, if you have someone in mind, make sure to ask them just in time so they could prepare.

Répondez, S'il Vous Plaît //

Colorful wedding envelopes being prepared to be sent out

Send out the invitations! The time has come to cross off this point from your wedding day checklist – inviting your guests. Send the invitations at least 3 months before the wedding day so you can have enough time to maneuver any changes that might happen before your special day arrives. Check for plus ones and food preferences once you get the RSVPs and start preparing the seating chart.

Let Them Eat Cake //

A simple white wedding cake on a gold platter

The second star of the night is your wedding cake! You can make it look lavishing and perfectly layered, with colors that burst or make it a pastel dream that shouts elegance. Choose the flavor you like and a design that can leave you speechless.

All The Little Things //

Once the wedding day approaches fast, maybe about two months before the big day, start crossing out the smaller, but equally important bits from your pre-wedding checklist. Here you can include:

  • Dress and suit fittings

  • Hair and makeup

  • Shoes and accessories

  • Honeymoon plans

  • Overnight stays

  • Goodie bags

Final Thoughts //

Wedding planning is no walk in the park. If all of this sounds a little too daunting, try fitting a full service wedding planner into your budget! At the very least, we highly recommend a day-of planner to help the event run properly. If you're up for the task, this guide is one of the best ways to avoid being overwhelmed and confused most of your time while planning your special event. When you are creating a wedding day checklist, you can always ask for help or guidance (this is advised). So, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us - we're sure that we can help you out!


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