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How To Get The Most From Your Wedding Videographer

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The goal of every wedding videographer is to deliver a wedding video so impactful that it takes you back to that wonderful day over and over again. While the videographer is the one controlling the camera by making sure the shot is framed right, in focus, and properly lit, he can't really control you and your spouse. In a sense, you’re producers of a film and you’re having your videographer execute your wedding day vision. With the exception of portraits, most videographers capture the natural emotions and events that you want to be preserved without much posing or verbal cues. Read this guide for all the tips from a Florida Wedding Videographer to getting the perfect wedding video to watch for years to come.

Be Cool //

Groomsmen holding up a fainting groom on his wedding day

You and your spouse are the stars in your very own wedding, not a movie or film. While photographers will pose you for formal pictures, you want more authentic and candid shots for the video. Better yet: It's 100% encouraged to ignore the videographer altogether and dance like no one’s watching. Be goofy with big smiles and wedding-appropriate PDA.

PRO TIP: While the photographer is posing you, don't snap to each pose like a robot. Instead, smoothly ease into the new position with a laugh or a twirl. These in-between moments are pure gold for your videographers!

Make Some Noise //

A wedding party cheers as the bride and groom kiss

From letters to cheers to sentimental vows, the other half of your wedding video is audio. Sound is crucial for a good film. It helps build the story and adds an engaging element that complements the video. Due to nerves, some couples don’t think to project their voice or articulate their words clearly, or maybe they choose not to speak at all! The best fix for this is to realize that you're spending thousands of dollars on a professional to capture this day. Wouldn't you want to do everything in your power to make it perfect? Of course you do! That's why you clicked on this blog. So, schedule 15 minutes to read your vows or letters out loud, and when given the mic, speak slowly and clearly.

Be In The Know //

A bride and groom celebrate their love at sunset

After a few years of experience, wedding videographers are able to anticipate pretty much anything you can throw at them, but that doesn't mind they're mind readers. A day-of timeline should cover all of the larger events and it's a must-have for every videographer, but you also shouldn't forget to let them know of any surprises for the guests, groom, or bride. This also includes any religious changes to a ceremony that they might not know (hint: The groom stands on the opposite side for Jewish weddings), so be sure to flag them early in the day before it happens or in an email prior to the big day to prepare. We had a bride request advice from all the guests. Because she let us know months ahead of time, we were able to make sure we have the proper equipment to capture high-quality audio in noisy environments and it turned out amazing. Stuff like that!

Audio Again? //

A beautiful display of details for a wedding

Yes! All the audio! Pouring your heart out in front of hundreds of people might not be everyone’s glass of champagne, so set up a time to speak from your hear to just the camera! This is a great opportunity to relay a surprise message without the blushing cheeks or stage fright. Sit down the night before your wedding and write down everything you love about your fiancé, when and why you knew he or she was the one, and what you see in your future together. The morning of your big day, ask your wedding videographer to record you reading the letter before you seal it up and send it over. It's sure to make you laugh and cry every time you press play.

Plan on reading it to each other during the first look? Read it in front of the camera first anyway! Having a controlled environment is the secret to the clean audio every videographer strives for.

Dreamy, Ethereal Lighting //

A couple in love at sunset

Lighting can make or break a videographer. It can boost your videographer to the highest mountain or humble them to the deepest valleys. There’s one time of day, however, where every shot looks stunning with little to no editing needed: Golden Hour. That afternoon time when the sun casts a hazy, golden hue over everything it touches, giving you the feeling that love really is in the air is every wedding creative's bread and butter. Getting your day-of timeline to sync up with the sun isn’t always easy, but the payoff you get is enough to make a grown man cry... Ok, maybe not. But it is particularly spectacular here in Florida.

Take 2 //

a bride and groom celebrating at a wedding reception surrounded by friends

Lastly, communicate with your videographer all the way until the end. Trust us, we videographers want you to have a good experience and love the video as much as we love it! We want it to be shared with all your friends and family and watched for years to come. If something inappropriate or unflattering snuck its way into the video, bring it up as soon as possible. Most minor changes are pretty easy to fix, but even if it's a major problem, let us know so we can decide how to fix or solve the issue. After you get the new video back, whip out the popcorn and tissues for a second time.

Final Thoughts //

Despite what some videographers think, wedding videography is very documentary. A lot of the shots, reactions, and emotions are completely out of the videographer's control. The best thing you can do is to have a conversation with your videographer and each share expectations about what your wedding video will look like. Your videographer should then suggest additions to the timeline or locations that would best enhance your wedding vision. If you like our style and are interested in having us film your wedding, head over to our contact page to get in touch and hear more about the next steps!

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