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4 Guest Book Ideas for the Creative Bride!

Updated: May 4, 2022

With the help of platforms like Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Instagram just to name a few, Wedding Planning ideas have never been more accessible. While the many different ideas and concepts that float around can be helpful, it can also be overwhelming trying to narrow down all you have seen into a final idea. A Wedding staple that has evolved throughout the years is the Guest Book! What was once an opened book on a table now has blossomed into Guest Books that have so much personality and style, it truly fits the couple and who they are.

Polaroid Guest Book //

If you love to have pictures as memories that last forever, then this may be the Guest Book for you! Have your guests snap a picture of themselves and write their names and a short message to you guys, the couple! This kind of Guest Book adds the visual touch to something that is usually just words. They even make polaroid scrapbooks that you can add the pictures to after your big day and can look at forever! Pictures have a way of stopping time and letting us hold on to those moments even after they have passed. It becomes our own little capsule we get the privilege of opening whenever we want.

Vinyl Guest Book //

This one is definitely for the music loving couple! We all have songs that remind us of moments, a certain time of our lives, and even people. Go grab some records that have songs or albums that mean the most to you on them and have them on a table. You can use paint pens or metallic sharpies and have your guests sign their names right onto the records. The best part about this option is that they can double as trendy wall art after the Wedding! Now, every time you hear the songs represented or see them hanging on your wall, you are reminded of your special day and all of the people you got to share it with!

Bottle Guest Book //

We are lucky to have some of the best Breweries and Distilleries in our area! Bold City Brewery,

Congaree & Penn, Aardwolf Brewing Company, and Green Room Brewing are just a few. With such

unique and crafted drinks locally Florida brides have options galore to choose for this Guest Book idea. This Guest Book is exciting because it is interactive for the Couple as well as! Choose as many bottles that you want of your favorite wine or beverage of choice and label them for marriage milestones to open them on. For example, 1 Year Anniversary, 5 Year Anniversary, On a Bad Day, On a Day We Want to Celebrate, etc. The guests get to write messages for you on the days that you open them. This carries the celebration beyond just the day of the Wedding and carries a little piece of your special day throughout your entire marriage with the ones you celebrated with!

Phone Guest Book //

This one has to be one of our new favorites! There are companies like FeteFone and AfterTheTone that send you telephones that will record voice messages from your guests and save them for you to have forever! This Guest Book captures all the wisdom that your Grandparents will share to the funny memories and jokes that your Bridal Party will tell. If you know that your guests will be super vocal, this may be the Guest Book for your big day!

As you can see, there are so many fun and unique ideas that can add that special touch to your special day. From photos to audio recordings or maybe a meaningful bottle of wine for an anniversary, a Creative Guest Book is just one or the many little puzzle pieces that come together to make your Wedding exactly what you want it to be and more!


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