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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Amy & Clayton's wedding in St. Augustine, Florida truly showed how special friendship is in a marriage. It's so evident in the way they talked to each other, joked around and interacted throughout the day that they cared super deeply for one another. Definitely the kind of caring you can only achieve through lots and lots of time, which they actually had because their parents were best friends before they were even born. Check out their video below!

The Venue //

PEACOCKS?! We were super surprised when we arrived to the The Fountain of Youth park in St. Augustine to find wild peacocks roaming the grounds. Talk about natural beauty! The venue also featured tons of historical buildings, a beautiful dock and a stunning reception area tucked among the giant oak trees.

The outdoor ceremony took place underneath a wide arbor where peacocks occasionally perched. While not exactly cute puppies, any wildlife makes a wedding day more interesting and unique!

The Details //

The venue was only the beginning of the charm for Amy and Clayton. A quick walk to the reception area revealed Star Wars themed table settings, guest book, and a "choose a side" wall where guests would pick whether to be part of the Sith or Jedi. The Star Wars references even made their way onto the groom's apparel, and the groomsmen had Star Wars characters on their socks, too!

The Dad/Daughter First Look //

The outdoor patio surrounded by massive oak trees was the perfect place to stage Amy's first look with her dad. The moment was so sweet.

The Aisle Reactions //

This was by far the best part of the day. The emotions displayed as Amy neared the altar were timeless. You could literally feel the love watching it unfold. This is literally why we love weddings. AHH

Stay tuned //

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