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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

We love seeing the connection between the couple's personalities and the overall tone of the wedding day. Sometimes the connection is subtle, and sometimes it's really obvious, but there's always a unique insight into the personality of the story somewhere in the wedding itself.

Amanda and Michael's backyard wedding was one of the obvious ones! Their intimate, backyard wedding gathering truly reflected, and magnified their warm, welcoming personalities. There was an instant feeling of home in the air right when you walked in, and not just because it was a house. It was the perfect setting for Amanda and Michael's personalities to shine!

Watch their video!:

The Venue //

I was already excited when I found out the wedding venue was a backyard, but it was definitely even more elaborate than I was picturing. The beautiful ceremony setting was decorated with a magnificent arbor piece adorned with a truly impressive floral arrangement. It was the perfect backdrop for the most heartwarming ceremony.

It's incredibly convenient having all the events of the day in one place. It can be a little crazy trying to keep the couple separated until the first look or ceremony, but keeping everything in close proximity helps the day progress smoothly and naturally with minimal interruptions.

Pro Tip: If you're not doing a backyard wedding, you can achieve the same stress-free experience by hiring the best professionals to come alongside your day!

The Vows //

I promise to love you more. Not necessarily more than you love me, but more than the inevitable challenges, disagreements, and more than any arduous day that we will ever confront. *Cries actual tears*

Well, there goes the rest of this blog because I'm now sobbing. Michael and Amanda had the most sincere vows to each other, and it became a huge part of the video. From the deep, meaningful expressions to the light-hearted jokes, the vows were full of personality and revealed the depth of their love for each other.

Stay Tuned //

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