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How To Choose a Wedding Videographer

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

When you are looking into making your wedding day as special as it can be, one of the things that you will most likely focus on is choosing the right wedding videographer. This can be considered a very exciting task, however, if you are one of those people that don't have much experience in this particular field, don’t be discouraged!

You don't need to be an expert or have a polished style to choose a videographer that will capture the best memories from your special day. Watch other wedding videos to find what you like and choose a videographer that has a similar style!

This is why today we are going to help you in your choosing process so you can end up with the best professional there is! Here are some tips when looking into this, make sure to follow them for optimal results.

Shop Around //

When looking into wedding videography, don’t just go for the first friend or an acquaintance that has “a knack for the visuals” as long as the budget allows it. Instead, try to reach out to several professionals that would be able to capture the intimate moment and fulfill all the wishes that you have as a couple. Ask if they'd be up for a phone call or maybe a coffee meeting! You want to have a videographer with a personality you enjoy being around. After all, you'll be spending a large portion of your wedding day with them!

Read the Reviews //

The second thing you need to do when choosing your wedding videographer is to look into their previous work, all aspects of it. For example, if you live in Florida, look for the best Florida wedding videographers and see what comes up. Sometimes you may find the perfect portfolio, but the reviews would be mixed. This is why you need to investigate a bit deeper into the wedding videography world. Find someone whose portfolio would seem like it would match your expectations and someone that has a good history with past clients. If praises are flying all over the place, then reach out! If it's a fit, why hesitate? Book them before someone else does!

Hire Local //

As extravagant as it may seem to fly out wedding videography professionals to capture all of the best moments from your big day, we would suggest starting locally. Nowadays, people can be overwhelmed with choices, since we live in a time where everything is available to you at any given point. That is why you need to try to narrow down your choice for a wedding videographer to your city or town. We are more than certain that you will be able to come up with loads of quality options and would be happy with the final choice you make. Plus, you'll be saving on covering any extensive travel and accommodation expenses! Pssst.. if you find a videographer that you just have to have, ask them what their travel rates are. Most every videographer we know is willing to travel. Us included! ;)

Pick a Style! //

Once you have your eye on certain videographers, it's time to talk about style. The most important bit here is to have the style of the videographer incorporated into the entire theme of the wedding. No worries, this is something that plenty of videographers can do! You can either look for a music video style – this is a style where there are shots from the entire day with a song playing in the background and no natural audio. You can choose the "home video" style – where the shots are filmed with a professional, yet homey style. People are laughing and sharing happy moments, you can hear bits and pieces of the vows or speeches, and music is added into the background for a more romantic flair. This type is by far more organic and sometimes more interesting to watch. (You can even ask us to go around and ask the guest if they have advice!) Finally, there is always the option of cinematic storytelling – a style that combines a little bit of both. This is carefully structured to show off the best moment of the entire day or night and is prepared with the highest quality and attention to detail. The professionalism of the music video style, combined with the incredibly captured emotions, vows, and speeches of the guests and the newlyweds; create a perfect wedding video that you will love to watch for decades to come!

Two is Company //

Whenever you're looking into choosing your wedding videographer, it's best to go for the option where they have at least one more person present as a team if the budget allows it. This is so important if you are looking into hosting a lavish wedding, have a bride and groom suite in separate locations, or if you want all your wedding events covered from multiple angles. Whether it is someone that would operate a second camera, a drone, or just be there as technical audio or visual support – an assistant is always worth the extra money.

What Do YOU Want? //

At the end of the day, whichever style you choose to go for, the videographer is responsible for capturing the full experience that you and your guests will have on your wedding day. Strive for elegance and timelessness that would be captured on camera, accentuate the natural beauty and bring out the best in people! Every couple should look for a professional that will film their unique story, and it is expected from a wedding videographer to rise to the occasion and deliver quality material.

Final Thoughts //

Choosing your wedding videographer can be a bit of a challenge, but the most important thing here is to get the results you are looking for – timeless photographs and a wedding video you would like to watch over and over again! If you are still thinking it over and are hesitant about which option to go for, feel free to reach out to us, we would be happy to help!


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