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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Windsor and Aaron's wedding day had literally all the vibes possible. We had the honor of shooting Aaron's surprise proposal a few short months before, and from that moment we knew their wedding day would be absolutely perfect. If you want to watch their surprise proposal video before you get into the wedding day, you can watch it here - we included a little in the video because it was so cute!

We sound like broken records here because we always mention it, but friendship is so important. Their chemistry and interaction as the day progressed speaks toward a level of friendship that can only produce a natural, freeing kind of love that's super obvious to those around, and especially those with cameras.

Watch it here!

The Venue //

Windsor's color palette was flawless. The Glass Factory has a distinct, historic yet still modern, industrial infused atmosphere that provided the perfect amount of charm to match the couples' personality. The natural brick along with added floral design - created by Honeycomb Floral Company - set a dreamy ceremony stage, and Windsor's beautiful red hair color stood out in the most elegant of ways.

The Glass Factory is the perfect venue if you want a large, indoor wedding. It comfortably seats up to 500 people + a dance floor!

And the ceremony is just the beginning of the aesthetic opportunities! Throughout the venue there are countless photogenic locations for your portrait session, and the Bridal Suite - almost the first half of the video - is absolutely stunning!

Speaking of photos, that brings us to...

The Photographer //

Apparently everyone named Meagan is good at photography because we officially know two Meagans who are both absolute creative geniuses. The powerhouse husband/wife duo that is Meagan Gaines Photography absolutely blew us away with their work. The way Meagan interacts with the couples truly brings out the sweetest parts of their love for each other! We had to include as many smiles as possible in the video.

Awesome photographers make everything better.

The Letter Exchange //

There are so many options for a "first" interaction on your wedding day. We've seen super emotional first looks and first touches, but we've also seen weddings where the couple sees each other for the first time during the ceremony and the reactions are even better! The point: do what fits best for your day because it's going to be awesome either way!

Windsor & Aaron had a first touch around a corner after exchanging letters. They opted to read them silently, so we didn't get to hear the beautiful words, but it was clear from their reactions that it was super meaningful - and that's what really matters.

Stay tuned //

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