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Our Super 8 films are crafted using old cameras from the 1970's and Kodak 8mm film. With light leaks, soft grain, and a raw magic that can't be matched, these films are a nostalgic way to help shape the memories of your wedding day beyond what modern digital cameras can offer. 

super 8, a place where
modern & vintage collide

a couple kissing during a sparkler exit

your wedding lasts a day; your wedding film lasts forever

 We fell in love with the raw emotions that come from weddings shot on film. Seeing your father's lip quivering as he walks his daughter down the aisle to the last silly dance with all your best friends, weddings shot on Super 8 film bring that vintage look that connects you to the past. From the moment we saw it, we knew we had to create these films for our own couples.

the approach

A couple hold each other during their first look on an old film camera

this is more than just a video. these are your memories


Super 8 wedding films are the best attempt to capture that undefinable “thing” that makes us feel alive. It’s a creatively-messy memory vault that takes us back to a simpler time. Reach out and let us help create your Super 8 love story.

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