Chapter One: Stuart, FL

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

This is everything I know about love...

Tegan and Jason's wedding will always have a special page in the Brothers Cinematography storybook.

Well, to be exact, the first page.

The Preface

It all started in a small South Florida beach town called Stuart. I, Carson, had been living there for a few months, and I just couldn't seem to line up any solid job opportunities. Being the entrepreneurial millennial that I hadn't quite been before but always wanted to be, I decided to buy a camera and go for broke, literally.

With no prospects, no plan, and no real idea of what I was getting myself into, I set out to figure out how in the heck to start a video business.

The No-Plan Plan

A portfolio has to be the first step, I thought to myself. Who would hire me to shoot their once-in-a-lifetime wedding day without any evidence that I could perform the task? Can I even do it? I had a whopping zero weddings under my belt.

I finally devised a brilliant plan to have a friend wear a wedding dress in another friend's aesthetic home and create a 1-2 minute cinematic bridal prep sequence. Despite being overproduced, it would at least prove I can be creative.

Then logistics hit. It takes a lot to orchestrate people, locations, a full bridal "experience", dress, flowers, makeup, hair etc...I gained a large appreciation for wedding planners in that moment because they're basically superheroes. That idea, though brilliant, had too many setbacks to fit within my desired timeframe of ASAP.

Then I had an even brilliant-er idea - catapult fame off of my successful photographer friends.

Just kidding, but I seriously have some awesome friends in the photography community to whom I owe immense gratitude.

Friends in High Places

"Hey, uh, well, um, yeah, so, I was wondering..."

I fumbled my words for about 5 minutes trying to ask my super talented photographer friend Meagan Puett - (she's amazing, seriously check her out) - for help getting started. In an unprecedented spirit of generosity, Meagan sent me extremely detailed emails about obtaining a business license, insurance, permits, contracts, the whole nine yards.

Needless to say, it was a HUGE blessing and the unmerited favor of the Lord. Hallelujah.

Not only did I receive the crash course in business administration, Meagan also reached out to one of her brides with an upcoming wedding who didn't have a videographer yet. And by upcoming, I mean it was literally two weeks away.

Last Minute, Best Minute

It takes a special kind of awesome to plan a wedding directly in between Christmas and New Years in less than a month. I sent a text message two days before Christmas knowing that no further conversation would happen until after the holidays.

With 3 days to spare, we solidified the booking.

In some ways, last-minute events are actually better. I personally work better with fewer options, so the fact that I didn't have time to speculate whether I had the right gear or stress about something that didn't matter ended up working in my favor.

Quickly enough, December 29th arrived and I drove to the first location with my one camera and one lens ready to take on the world.

Too Good to Be True

Fast forward to the end of the wedding and


It went super well.

At the risk of sounding like I didn't have any self-confidence, I couldn't believe it.

Every metaphorical star in the wedding day sky aligned. Everyone was super relaxed. The authentic, sincere love between Tegan and Jason was so obvious making for some captivating footage. Meagan Puett is a wizard at prompting and posing. I got crisp audio from the DJ. The officiant read the most moving poem about love. I mean, honestly, what did I do to deserve this as a first wedding?

At that point, I was sold on making wedding films. The inspiration that comes from wedding stories is truly unlike any other.

And so the journey began with this film.

Watch it, and then go read all about it here:

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