First Year of Business: 2020 In Review

My name is Carson, and I started this business with my one and only younger brother, Andrew, earlier this year. I know it says Andrew is the author of these blogs, but it's actually the older brother doing all of the work while the younger brother takes the credit. Welcome to my life.

I'm just kidding, I genuinely love working with my brother, and we definitely bring different personalities, strengths, and perspectives to the business. Andrew is definitely the straightforward, logic-oriented side, and I'm definitely the emotional, sappy side. It works pretty well!

It's almost been an entire year since we started Brothers Cinematography, and the holidays have allowed some space for reflection on our inaugural year of business. We've learned a whole lot, and there's so much more to learn as we continue our adventure telling the timeless, yet charmingly unique wedding story.

Lesson #1 // Global Pandemics Suck

Nobody could have predicted a global outbreak in 2020 - except maybe some conspiracy theorists out there. While it's easy to say "look on the bright side," the reality is that many lives have been deeply affected by COVID-19 beyond just having to wear a mask inside a building.

While the wedding and event industry isn't "essential," it really sucks having to postpone, or cancel, a moment you've been looking forward to for years. We experienced this firsthand as a few of our brides were forced to navigate the complexities surrounding the virus.

Check out these weddings for ideas // Becca + Darnell // Hannah + Joey

We can't wait to see what 2021 brings because I think we're all prepared to handle anything at this point!

Lesson #2 // Social Media is Deceptively Difficult

In the past few months, we've experienced some incredibly sweet moments, beautiful scenery, and captured some immense wedding joy. Both Andrew and I work full-time jobs to make ends meet and continue to invest into Brothers in these beginning months, and we've totally overlooked the investment into spreading the feels on social media.

In a world where building a brand is dominated by having a loud voice on social media, we've been a little quiet. That's okay though, because we're all learning as we go! Pro tip: anybody who says they've figured it out is lying - especially if they ask for money.

Lesson #3 // Vendors are cool people

One of our favorite parts about this adventure is the opportunity to work alongside super talented vendors. We're constantly inspired by the wedding story, but each vendor brings another fresh perspective that inspires our work too!

Whether it's a DJ creatively mashing up two songs together, a photographer who engagingly prompts couple interaction, or jaw-dropping floral arrangements, the people we work with push us to continue developing and creating in new ways. We're definitely honored to be part of the wedding community.

Lesson #4 // We LOVE Weddings

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Well, maybe not physical shapes and sizes. More like each wedding has its own distinct challenges, celebrations, last-minute changes, day-of craziness, and everything in between.

But we can't get enough.

We love being able to capture and retell those stories. The subtle glances in between poses, the dreamy sunsets, the elegant venues, the meticulous details, and the time spent enjoying everything that comes with marriage combine to tell the most memorable stories of all time!

We look forward to continuing our growth in 2021, and we're so thankful for 2020 and for the beautiful people who have already trusted us with their special days!

Stay tuned //

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